Sustainable & Integrated Development Society
Walking in the Path to Empowering Communities for Self-reliant Development


As NGOs are being considered as the vehicle to community empowerment and recognized as strength that can speed up the development process, Sustainable & Integrated Development Society- SIDS* emerged with an idea to join its hands for national development efforts. Behind the emergence of SIDS in the year 2000 were the development workers experienced in different field– civil engineering, environment engineering, medical science, agriculture, rural development, finance management, research and capacity building, conflict management, etc.

It is a fact that thousands of NGOs exist in our country like SIDS. Very few of them are found capable to work for multi sector development process. The Government of Nepal has harnessed the NGO sector as development partner and International aid agencies have rather recognized as the most effective vehicle to reach the needy communities. Hence, NGOs of Nepal have been remembered for empowering "powerless" and voicing the "voiceless" for their rights and development needs preparing for a ground for democratic exercises at least at the grassroots level. Also, NGOs are given credit for working in hardships and even in armed conflict situation serving peace process to regenerate the hopes of common Nepali people.

Since the nation has marched towards new era after the mass movement -II, NGO sector has again to prove that it can offer genuine collaboration with the government and international communities in promoting peace and development. SIDS as a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization stands at this point.