Sustainable & Integrated Development Society
Walking in the Path to Empowering Communities for Self-reliant Development


A society that is healthy, self-reliant, self-managed and of with a social just enduring a quality water, sanitation and health facilities available and properly using.

Boosting up sustainable development through participatory community action process and partnership building by promoting gender equity and social inclusion.

SIDS works for the attainment of sustainable & integrated development with a top priority to the most disadvantaged community including women and children. It aims, through its programme to pursue integrated efforts to improve the overall status in the targeted areas, at paving the way to transparent development administration, good governance and a good combination of hardware and software. Community participation with gender equality is the basis of SIDS programmes. SIDS emphasizes participatory community action process, with the aim of empowering local people to access to essential information and services.

Sustainable development in the sector of environment and livelihood.